Daniel Lopera, still from In Utero, Being Life, Doing Death, Next State? (2014)

Daniel Lopera, still from In Utero, Being Life, Doing Death, Next State? (2014)

March 5–27, 2015
Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John Street | Brooklyn, New York, 11201

Images (L to R): Dana Miller, A Theory of All Things #2455 (2012); Kimberly Witham, Still Life with Watermelon and Chipmunk (2011); Caryn Cline, still from Left Side, Riverside (2011); Erica Magrey, screenshot from Face, Porthole, Window, Glovebox (2013)


With the ability to extend sight, memory, and interaction, our media tools foster a naturally synthetic hub through which nature and experience are visualized, made accessible, and become normalized, achieving something that feels naturally synthetic.

The artists selected for this group show make subtle use of their chosen medium to capture and construct synthetic environments that serve to analyze or question things like humanity, what it means to be alive, and under what conditions can fantasy and reality become enmeshed.


THE LOUNGE curated with Caterina Mallone | May 12–26, 2010 |           Featuring work by Amy Casey, Greg Fenton, Brian Knauer, Erica Magrey, Hollis B. Thornton, and Ann Toebbe.

SHARED SPACES | April 22-28, 2009 |                                         Featuring work by Blu, Burak Arikan, Char Davies, Erin Gleeson, Melissa Grey, and Yasmine Soiffer.

IMPERMANENCE curated with Caterina Mallone & Tanisha Christie | Sept. 27, 2008 | La Lutta Project Space

RECLAIM: THE VISUAL SPACE IN BETWEEN curated with Caterina Mallone | July 19, 2008 | Supreme Trading