Natasha Chuk is a New York City-based critical theorist and independent curator interested in film, experimental art, and creative technologies. Her research concerns the relations between interfaces and structures of perception (organic/inorganic) in media objects as systems of language, with particular attention to their ontologies, behaviors, affordances, and limitations, especially as they relate to advanced creative technologies, like VR, AR, CVR, MR, XR, machine learning, and computational photography. She holds a PhD in Media and Communication Philosophy, an MA in Media Studies, and a BA in Cinema Studies. Her first book, Vanishing Points: Articulations of Death, Fragmentation, and the Unexperienced Experience of Created Objects (Intellect Ltd., 2015), is an examination of the creation and uses of presence and absence across a variety of media, including film, photography, video games, and interactive art. Her essays have also appeared in Dissect Journal, First Person Scholar, Interartive, Metaverse Creativity Journal, and others. She teaches courses in film studies, digital cultures, media art, art history, and media aesthetics at the School of Visual Arts and The New School.

Natasha was born in Monterrey, Mexico and grew up in the U.S.. Chuk rhymes with duke.



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